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How to Improve your Physical Condition

Improve Physical Condition

We all have many activities to do, we remain so busy that exercising becomes almost impossible and in some cases, it produces more stress than tranquility.

But our health is a reflection of our quality of life and we all want to have a quality life.

In many cases, the biggest obstacle to exercising is not our will or desire, but our time, since we have to do so many things that we don't have time to exercise.

As a coach, I had an experience that marked my life. Many years ago one of my athletes told me that his father wanted to exercise but that he had no time.

After a few days when this father picked up his son from training, he told me that because he had his own business because he was focused on bringing money home, he did not have time to exercise.

For more than a year I stopped seeing this father until one day my athlete called me saying that he could not attend training because his father had had a heart attack.

The situation had reached such some extent that that father had to rest for quite 3 months, he had to undergo costly tests and take expensive medications. About 6 months later I learned that this father lost his business, his economic condition was very disappointing and his Life had entered a rut from which he himself did not know how to get out, which had caused depression.

Although the story sounds negative, this is a real case, this can happen to us if we do not take care of the great and precious tool that we have been given, our body.

Steps to improve our physical health

The first step to improve our health is to find time to exercise.

The second step is to know how we are doing and what we should improve. Having a medical exam and blood tests could be the cheapest way to avoid stopping at a hospital.

The third step is what we call intelligent training, exercising without knowing what we are doing is not something intelligent, so the proposal is to exercise intelligently, knowing first how we are in order to know what we should improve and then how and when to do which will help us improve.

The fourth step is variability in training, doing the same workout over and over again leads us at first to burn off some of the extra pounds of fat, but continuing to do the same thing for a long time will lead us to walk in circles and be arriving at the same place, in such a way that the improvement stagnates and for that reason, we do not see the progress that we did notice in our beginning.

So let's see what tips we can incorporate into our lives to exercise and do it smarter:

1. Be constant and consistent, choose at least 4 days a week to exercise, and take at least an hour out of it to calmly carry out a physical exercise plan that really improves your health.

2. Get the necessary equipment to exercise, as well as invest in your home repairing it or invest in buying a good cell phone to be better connected, so you should invest in your clothing and equipment to exercise, there are many stories in the country that will They can advisor to respect.

3. Monitor your heart, purchasing a heart monitor is the smartest thing to do. The only way to know if you are overloading or not is by monitoring how your heart works, remember the important thing is not when it does but how it does it.

4. Take care of the technique when exercising, a bad posture or a bad technique can cause more problems than benefits.

5. Be careful what you do, but are unsure of the exercise you do seek professional help.

6. Fill up on energy, the best and cheapest energy we get from the air, so take a deep breath every time you exercise.

7. Go progressive, do not start as if you had exercised your whole life, progressively increase both the volume load (the time you exercise) and the intensity load of the exercise (how hard you do it)

8. Eat carbohydrate-based foods before starting your exercise session, even if you exercise immediately after getting up, carbohydrates provide the energy needed to exercise efficiently, eat them in very little amount if you do your routine when getting up for the morning.

9. Hydrate, whenever you exercise, have water or a moisturizer by your side, ingest approximately 500 milliliters per hour of exercise.

10. Perform a holistic exercise program, mix aerobic exercise, muscle toning, and flexibility in one session.

11. Listen to your body, do nothing that you feel can harm you, if you feel that the exercise you are doing is wrong for you, stop doing it, also if you feel that what you are doing does not give you the benefit you want to obtain, change your mind. routine.

12. Enjoy the routines you do, if the exercises you are doing do not please you, change them immediately, you are to enjoy what you do, not to have another obligation, do only exercises in which you feel good.

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