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Best Fitness tips for Women

Best Fitness tips for Women


The fitness purposes of each woman are different, some want to increase their muscle volume while others flee to that possibility. It is important when entering the fitness world to have a clear objective according to what you want to achieve later, whether it is improvements in your health and lifestyle as participation in competitions, based on these and your body type, the exercise routines will be adapted that better results have in you.

This time we have prepared a list of the best exercises for fitness women, whether they are just starting out (beginners) or for girls with more time in this lifestyle, include your favorites in your routines.


Squats are a classic and powerful exercise for toning and strengthening the gluteal area, abdomen, and legs, they are included in most exercise routines. They exercise with a considerable impact on the figure and strength and perseverance are required to perform a good number of them.

This type of exercise is beneficial for its ease of taking it to all aspects of life, it is not necessary to have machines, weights or any clothing to do it unless you want. A squat is able to mobilize a significant amount of muscles such as the femoral, quadriceps, calves and glutes, they also improve flexibility, stimulate weight loss, and tone.

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Another classic exercise to include in your exercise routine are the abdominals, this is the key exercise in fat loss in this area of ?? the body. Burning abdominal fat is one of the most difficult tasks for all fitness, achieving that six-pack or flat abdomen is an everyday job and the results may take time, but it is worth putting in it.

It is important to do the abs in a correct, concentrated and the calm way so that you have good results, it is not enough to do many of them if they are done badly and if they do not cause an impact on the state of the body.

This exercise also works the abdominal area more intensively. It is necessary to lie on the ground with your hands behind your head and lift your legs simulating pedaling on a bicycle while balancing your body. This exercise together with the traditional abs does an incredible good to this area. For women, the abdominal area is important since it is there that the fat tends to concentrate naturally.

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These are rather outdoor exercises that can be done before going to work or afterward to clear the mind because they not only improve the general well-being of the body but also the mood. It contributes to fighting cardiovascular diseases, depression, and increase the resistance of the body.


This is another easy abdominal exercise to do, you will need an exercise ball and a little arm strength. You have to lie face down with your hands touching the ground, the balls of your feet should be on the ball, after being in the position the body rises up to form a triangle and then it is lowered again expanding the abdominal area. It is a simple and fun exercise to do.

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This activity is rewarding, the fun can be done almost anywhere, and has enormous health benefits. Skipping rope aids weight loss, provides energy, burns calories, and toxins increases flexibility and endurance. You can do it from the comfort of your home.

These exercises are effective for fitness women and will surely help you meet your lifestyle goals.

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