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10 ways your Breasts will look amazing (no surgeries)

Breasts will look amazing

10 ways your Breasts look Amazing without Surgery

Sometimes you do not want to focus attention on your attributes (either for a dinner with your partner's parents or a meeting with your boss, etc.). If you are looking for a temporary breast reduction, try wearing something with a turtle neck, it will distract attention to the area above your breasts. Or try wearing a single color from head to toe, the monochrome look hides the silhouettes.

Disguises with fitted Clothing

If you have a somewhat 'tomboy' body, you can create an hourglass figure using a high-waisted skirt.


Go for Silicone fillings

"Use silicone fillers in your bra or swimsuit," says lingerie expert Rhonda Shear. " Get more cleavage, put padding outside each boob, or to give it a lift, but the Bra under the bust." "Make them look as natural as possible," recommends Amanda Kennedy, who created the Sassybax Shapewear line. "Stick them over the areola as opposed to focusing them, since, notwithstanding covering them, they will push them up. It's a little trick for shy Breasts! ”

Go for push up BRA

Those cone-shaped bras and other horrible methods are a thing of the past. "We have come a long way since my queen days as Miss Louisiana," when we used to tape ourselves to get showier busts, "says Rhonda Shear. "Today there are less painful methods to create the illusion of younger, bigger and firmer busts", and that includes the support of push up bras that have removable silicones that help to bring together and push the Breasts.

Invest  in Cosmetics

"Every girl needs her own bottle of Benefit High Beam," says one of the girls in The Girls in the Beauty Department. “Just put a little bit on the top of your Breast, rub it in to make it subtle and you will notice more curves when the light reflects on your chest. You can also put a little suntan lotion between your breasts to give them a little more depth. Make sure you rub it properly. ”

Find the right BRA for your blouse

"No matter what size you are, every woman can have an incredible bust, and it all starts with the right bra," says Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr.


Find a  BRA that gives you support

"If you're blessed with a good bust, show it off with a V-neck or a crossover strap top," suggests Sara Blakely, the creative behind Spanx. The easiest way to make your chest look better is by making sure you are wearing the correct size bra. “Your cups should be full but not overflowing. If they are coming out from the sides, it is time to measure them again. ”

Dare to  contouring

"I always tell Victoria’s Secret models to remove their favorite push-up bra and contour their breasts with a spray bronzer such as the Bare Bronze Self-Tanning Body Spray,” says Victoria’s Secret makeup artist Meredith Baraf. "Apply a little powder bronzer slightly darker than your skin color to the same area you sprayed the bronzer with. The effect gives a perfect contour ”.

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