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12 Tips for good Health | WHO |

1. Follow a healthy diet
2. Stay physically active, daily and each in their own way
3. Get vaccinated
4. Do not consume tobacco in any of its forms
5. Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption
6. Manage stress for better physical and mental health
7. Maintain good hygiene
8. Do not drive at excessive speed or under the influence of alcohol
9. Fasten your seat belt in the car and wear a helmet when cycling
10. Maintain safe sexual practices
11. Undergo periodic medical reviews
12. Breastfeeding babies is best for them.

Some of these WHO proposals can help us reflect on how much and how we take care of ourselves. Without falling into the idolatry of health as the highest good, let us try to learn to take care of and respect our body since it can help us to live better.


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